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cabcat ([personal profile] cabcat) wrote2015-08-01 10:42 pm

Lowering Seb Rolla

After driving Seb Rolla for a fair run on the Freeway (about 250kms) I came to the conclusion that Seb's high speed stability was rather lacking on some of the less smooth freeways.

Seb is running on a set of standard height king springs which actually raised the car a bit and gave the car a bit of a rake with the back slightly higher.
So I thought I'd give lowering a try and bought a set of Eibach Pro springs for $275 on special which was cheap enough to give them a go.

The springs looked better designed than the kings which have the upper coils far too close together and do make contact with each other and the Eibach springs dont' do that.

I test fitted the front left and they lowered that side by about 30mm (an inch)  so I test drove it in and out of the driveway and around the block a couple of times.  They rode well but unfortunately the tow plate under the car scuffs against the road surface when leaving the driveway each time no matter how slowly I crabbed over it due to the crown in the road and the steepness of the driveway.  So I put the king spring back in and put the Eibachs up for sale.

It's a bit of a shame but I use the car everyday on less than perfect roads so I now know I can't get away with lowering it even mildly.
Ah well nothing ventured nothing gained :)

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