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I took the Rolla up the mountain on Saturday night, I hadn't taken it up there before and wanted to see how it handled when pushed. Well a quarter of the way up the skies opened up and the fog rolled in, so visibility was terrible, even during the day it's full of blind corners and the vegetation was growing further in from the edges of the road so the road felt even narrower.

The front left tyre was a spare at some point and kept lighting up mainly as it's a different brand and older than the front right. A new set is definitely on the agenda since I could keep it spinning through second gear in the wet. The newer tyres are firestones which came on the car and are very ordinary, a set of Yokohamas will replace these soon. The rear end kept wanting to kick out too seeing as the tyres had been rotated and the ones on the rear were more worn. I am not a fan of rotating tyres on 2wd cars, the front tyres should be replaced more often since they wear out doing the driving and steering. The rears don't do too much so they don't need replacing nearly as often, why would you put worn out front tyres on the rear, it just causes the rear end to flake out since there's less weight than RWD or AWD.

All in all, the steering seemed to tighten up a bit and provided more feedback, the steering was a tad vague when I got it but after I changed the power steering fluid it seems to be getting a bit better each time I drive it. It's as if like the new fluid is clearing something out. Either that or it has something to do with either heat in the tyres or something worn expanding in the steering rack after being warmed up. Then engine doesn't seem to rev as nicely as the charade 3 banger engine did, however I think its due to 10 years of driving on cheap petrol and pussy footing. It's been getting better since I've been running it on 98 octane, and been slowly reving it to redline to blow the cobwebs out, I gave it a throttle body clean and ran a bottle of redex through it. I think it needs a run on the freeway at constant high speed to help matters. It dumps all its torque out pretty low for a 4cylinder, about 3200rpm I think, they say 2800rpm but it doesn't feel like it. A distributor service and new denso irridium plugs and NGK leads are on the board soon. The suspension needs a tad more sharpening so the car will "dance" it's just a bit too soft and wallowy at the moment, although it's nice on the freeway I do like my cars a bit sharp. A big surprise was the brakes, they were excellent, and so were the pads. There was an excellent progressive feel to the brakes and no hint of overheating or friction fade(where the pedal goes hard). It has fairly large vented discs on the front and solid's on the rear with great stopping power for no abs. The clutch however feels like it's due for a replacement soon, a PBR clutch will be used since they were the ones put in at the Factory in Victoria where this car was made. The gear ratios could be slightly closer and a 6th gear overdrive wouldn't have hurt, but it's a sweet little gearbox, a slightly shorter throw would make it ideal.

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