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I hadn't done a throttle body cleaning on ol Seb for awhile so I thought I'd better seeing as he doesn't get to stretch his legs much livinging closer to inner city.  It's mostly short stop start trips for him these days.  So with a can of throttle body cleaner (one that's safe for coatings and sensors) I sprayed half the can into every connecting pipe and opening to the throttle body including the PCV connector, also making sure the valve worked.  It's rather a good thing that they made that valve so it can only go in one way.

So after said spraying I started Seb up and boy was he not happy for a little bit, obviously running not on all cylinders for about 25 seconds and he certainly let off a big puff of blue smoke which I'm sure was all that oil residue from the throttle body.  A quick trip around the block puffing a fair bit of white smoke and he was idling happilly also with a noticeably smoother idle.  Normally I feel a bit of vibration through the steering wheel but I'd put that down to old engine mounts.  Well now there's about 90% less vibration which is good :3 and throttle response seems to have improved a little.  I will say I was a bit worried with that big puff of blue smoke but considering I'd not cleaned the throttle body for some time I imagine a fair amount of oil residue from the PCV system had built up over time.  I wonder if this will help my fuel economy, it's not been bad but it has been better.

The only downside to this endevour was that when I went to close the garage door it failed, the motor still spins and the chain mechanism still moves but it looks like the worm gear that drives the cog for the chain mechanism has probably stripped itself.  I know this sort of thing happens over time given that the gears are usually plastic, but seeing as I'm renting I dont' have to fix the thing myself :3.  The only issue is that I had to wedge the door shut with it's old manual locking mechanism, and a couple of pieces of metal, as otherwise anyone can open it.  It's not a high crime area or anything but there have been thefts from garages that have been left open around here.
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