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Well early this morning I made my merry way over to the shore opposite the Port of Brisbane to see the Air craft carrier USS George Washington which is visiting Brisbane at the moment.  I had to tromp over muddy ground for a bit to actually get to the shore but here it is.

So there's some 6000 people on this AC and many will be visiting the city and nearby cities, unfortunately they won't be wearing their sailor duds.  I so wanted to run into one and say "Hello Sailor" :3  But I'm rather immature.

Oh yes, my neighbours are celebrating Ramadan at the moment, they're over here studying tax accounting and law.  They very nicely invited me, I thanked them but I shan't go seeing as I'm not religious and I'm sure they were being polite.  I did make the joke that it's easier to fast here in the Southern hemisphere because it's winter and as such the sun rises late and goes down earlier XD.
Ah well I try to get humour where I can.
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