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I had always hoped that Australia would be more like Europe in regards to cars equipped with Manual transmissions but looking at how things are going it doesn't seem like it. There are now no longer manual transmission options on quite a few cars sold here now and I find that a bit sad especially when I think they are superior to "Dual Clutch Transmissions" in terms of clutch life, longevity, durability, reliability and driving fun. If you want an automatic then a standard torque convertor style transmission or CVT are much better options.

What I've tended to find is DCG/DCTs are a compromise between an automatic and a manual and so don't do either that well, you lose the simplicity and driver engagement of a manual and you can't drive a DCG/DCT like an automatic e.g. creeping in stop start traffic otherwise you can wear out the clutches. Not sure if it's an issue with BMW DCG/DCTs but some of the VW and Ford ones can be pretty jerky. Some of the DCT/DCG transmission issues have occured from not being designed for what they'd be used for. A lot of people will drive them just like standard automatics/cvts which means a lot of stop start driving, creeping and holding on hills which DCGs are simply not designed for.

Some people don't like the way CVT's surge to optimum revs and ratios with no feel of a gear change so they don't give the impression of speed yet I've found they take off from a standstill at a decent pace but aren't meant for high torque applications. Some have these silly "geared" modes with paddle shifts but I've found they usually reduce performance and should just be left in automatic mode.

I recently drove a rental Camry with a 6speed automatic and it was a really smooth shifting unit, almost imperceptible shifts, I was very impressed and for a car that drove like a sofa it could probably be excused for not having a manual option when sold. I was very close to buying a secondhand Lexus IS350 which didn't suffer from carbonisation issues due to it's D4S injection system but unfortunately only came in automatic transmission but a standard automatic and not a DCT/DCG.

Others might also find this article on Audi moving away from DCT/DCGs for their really high torque applications interesting

Seb is only a single plate clutch 5speed but the clutch operation is heavier so finer control is possible. I find it easier to control and maintain vehicle speed since engine braking is also possible.
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