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Hello mateys
Well this morning I returned to an old haunt of mine that I hadn't been back to in years, it was a car auction house which was then on the other side of town but now is much closer after I moved.

Now as a younger cat I would rock up early most Saturdays and have a looky Lou at what was available for auction that Saturday.  To be honest I was never really looking to buy but more to see what car models were like, have a look around them, sit in them and generally familiarise myself with makes and model specifications.  So it was nice to go back and see that very little had changed except the cars.  The reason I like going is usually you are never hassled by the sales staff at all, if you want information about the car you go to the well manned reception desk and ask about a car and they usually have all the info there.  I would say that about 75% of the cars in the auction house aren't as clean or as well cared for as my car :3  which always surprises me a bit.  Considering some of them are very expensive vehicles.

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