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I hadn't done a throttle body cleaning on ol Seb for awhile so I thought I'd better seeing as he doesn't get to stretch his legs much livinging closer to inner city.  It's mostly short stop start trips for him these days.  So with a can of throttle body cleaner (one that's safe for coatings and sensors) I sprayed half the can into every connecting pipe and opening to the throttle body including the PCV connector, also making sure the valve worked.  It's rather a good thing that they made that valve so it can only go in one way.

So after said spraying I started Seb up and boy was he not happy for a little bit, obviously running not on all cylinders for about 25 seconds and he certainly let off a big puff of blue smoke which I'm sure was all that oil residue from the throttle body.  A quick trip around the block puffing a fair bit of white smoke and he was idling happilly also with a noticeably smoother idle.  Normally I feel a bit of vibration through the steering wheel but I'd put that down to old engine mounts.  Well now there's about 90% less vibration which is good :3 and throttle response seems to have improved a little.  I will say I was a bit worried with that big puff of blue smoke but considering I'd not cleaned the throttle body for some time I imagine a fair amount of oil residue from the PCV system had built up over time.  I wonder if this will help my fuel economy, it's not been bad but it has been better.

The only downside to this endevour was that when I went to close the garage door it failed, the motor still spins and the chain mechanism still moves but it looks like the worm gear that drives the cog for the chain mechanism has probably stripped itself.  I know this sort of thing happens over time given that the gears are usually plastic, but seeing as I'm renting I dont' have to fix the thing myself :3.  The only issue is that I had to wedge the door shut with it's old manual locking mechanism, and a couple of pieces of metal, as otherwise anyone can open it.  It's not a high crime area or anything but there have been thefts from garages that have been left open around here.
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Well early this morning I made my merry way over to the shore opposite the Port of Brisbane to see the Air craft carrier USS George Washington which is visiting Brisbane at the moment.  I had to tromp over muddy ground for a bit to actually get to the shore but here it is.

So there's some 6000 people on this AC and many will be visiting the city and nearby cities, unfortunately they won't be wearing their sailor duds.  I so wanted to run into one and say "Hello Sailor" :3  But I'm rather immature.

Oh yes, my neighbours are celebrating Ramadan at the moment, they're over here studying tax accounting and law.  They very nicely invited me, I thanked them but I shan't go seeing as I'm not religious and I'm sure they were being polite.  I did make the joke that it's easier to fast here in the Southern hemisphere because it's winter and as such the sun rises late and goes down earlier XD.
Ah well I try to get humour where I can.
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I tend to always give Australian films a chance, some are well awful and the rare gem comes along.

I recently watched the film "Mystery Road" and though it has a simple plot and could be classified as a "slow burn" type film I really enjoyed it.  Yes the acting in some bits is noticably unpolished and the use of standard foley sound effects in some areas is a little annoying but all in all it's one I've put in my "movies I'd watch again" folder.  The cinematography is enough for me to keep it to watch again.

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When you're at a stop light and realise you're singing very loudly along with a song you like (In this case Bobby Womack - Across 110th street)  and the car next to you has the passenger window down.  *Slowly shrinks down behind steering wheel*

Also my latest attempt at mixing music to a carchase scene. Not sure if this works.
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What with summer on the way I thought I'd just have a look to see what the evaporator was like in the Corolla (Seb).
After seeing some rather horrible examples on youtube on vehicles that never had cabin filters fitted (a damn good idea to have them)  a lot of the blower fans, A/C evaporators and their casings are filled with crud.

I however didn't want to have to take the dash apart nor degas the system which you have to do if you want to remove the evaporator and wash it out.

Droping out the blower motor came first so first take the glove box out and the lower trim panel, easy as pie.  Then came the blower motor and fan, three screws and a wiring plug and finally the fan resistor  which was nearby and only had two screws and a wiring plug.  Then I could see into the evaporator casing to see how things were.

  1. Blower fan:  Not bad at all, a few little leaves and a coating of exhaust/pollution grime.  So fan was removed, soaked in a household detergent, cleaned and put aside to dry.

  2. Blower motor: Felt some resistance in motion plus a raspy feel when turning the spindle, appears a bearing is going, I cleaned it up and regreased it.  Spun more easily but still feels raspy and vibrates a little when tested but doesn't seem to get too hot and the spindle just feels warm.  If had been hot then the bearing is probably going to seize in short order.

  3. Blower fan resistor:  Looks like it needs replacing, the insulator is cracked and has lost a bit of material which was found in the evaporator casing.  Made a note of it, cleaned it and put it aside.

  4. Evaporator and casing:  Surprisingly clean, a bit of grime, dust and leaf matter.  I made up an extension to the crevice tool on the garage vaccuum and putting it through the resistor mounting hole I removed the bits of leaves and dust I could get which turned out to be about 98% of it.  Also included a very dead little huntsman, another good reason to have cabin filters and to turn the ventilation to recirc when not in operation.

  5. Using a household cleaner "Spray and wipe" which is a household kitchen cleaner and sprayed as much of the evaporator I could get to through the blower fan hole and resistor mounting hole.  Also sprayed as much of the inside of the casing I could.  After 10 minutes I used a hand held spray bottle filled with water, put a pan under the A/C condensation drain and turned the nozzle to not quite a jet and rinsed out the casing and evaporator.  Finally I put a funnel into the resistor hole and poured 2 litres of water into the casing flushing any detritius out that was sitting in the bottom of the casing into the waiting pan.

Once I'd dried out everything I could reach, I put everything back and fired things up, the air flow seems about 20% stronger but I'm not sure, the A/C seems to get colder faster and puts out more chill but to be honest I'm going on feel.  Tomorrow when I plan to wash the car it should heat up in the sun, I'll turn it on then and see what happens.

I will have to replace the blower resistor and motor, the resistor will disintegrate further and possibly block the A/C drain I give it 6 months or so given it's summer and the fan will be used more often.  The bearing will go completely on that blower motor at some point but it'll probably last another 2-5 years.

Things seem surprisingly clean on this 16 year old car and it was interesting to see all the trim, casings, motors and electrics were made in Australia, or so the manufacturing stamps said.  I would like to eventually remove the dash and redo the seals on the vents and ductings.  I'm getting a bit of air leakage to the foot area when the controls are set to upper vents only, this is fine if I'm wearing shoes but if I have the A/C on and driving barefoot I end up with frozen feet XD

Cabcat out.


Aug. 10th, 2014 10:27 am
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*opens the door with a creek and wipes away a cobweb* Gad has it really been so long?  Wow things have changed a bit out here.  I wonder if anyone I knew still uses the ol LJ, I'll get the vacuum out and have a dust around.
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I must say Ford Australia's line up of vehicles is quite impressive, not to mention that the cars are much more modern, drive very well and seem to be built to a much higher standard that plagued the company in the 90's. 

The Ford Fiesta is a funky lil vehicle, which seems well equipped and well made.  It obviously shares the same platform as the Mazda 2.
The Focus while it's grown in size looks better than the outgoing model and share's it's platform with the Mazda 3.
The Mondeo seems to have some Jaguar styling cues and shares the platform with the Mazda 6 but looks much better the current series Mazda 6. 
The FG Falcon seems to have reached it's peak as it will not be continued past 2015 which I find a bit sad.  It uses a 4.0L straight 6 which though older in design has been refined to its current form of a Twincam 24valve with variable cam timing.  It also has a the brilliant 6speed manual and automatics and they've refined all the issues with the BA series.  The G6E also actually looks like a well finished product something Ford Australia hasn't produced for quite sometime.

There's even new LPG technology available on the Falcon, for those that dont' know LPG has long been used in Australia as a cheaper alternative to petrol for light vehicles.  It's been used in delivery vehicles and taxis for a long time.

Why not have a look and see what you think.
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Well I was just cleaning out stuff from the house as a bit of spring cleaning and came across an old Japanese appliance store brochure from the late 80's.  I'd brought it back when visiting grandparents.

Sifting through it I found an ad for the old "FM-Towns" computers made by Fujitsu.  They didn't, to my knowledge, get sold outside Japan and were like if you squished an Apple computer together with a gaming console from those days.  So you ended up with a multi-media computer that you could play games on.  It had a Windows like operating system, called the Towns - OS,  7 years before windows came out and can apprently even run the earlier versions of windows.

Here's an exert from a website about it: 

"It had the barebone of a classic IBM PC system but was conceived from
the start as a real familial multimedia system. Graphic resolutions go
from 360x240 to 640x480 with 256 colors simultaneously on screen from a
color palette of 16.7 millions colors. Most of these graphic modes have
two graphic pages. Up to 1024 sprites can be created, with 16x16 pixels
size each.

The sound features are excellent too. It can play stereo CDs of course,
thanks to its built-in CD-ROM drive. It also has 8 PCM (Pulse Code
Modulation) stereo voices, thanks to a Sega chipset, which is generally
used for special effect sounds. A Yamaha FM chipset is also included and
offers 6 FM channels, mostly used for melodies...

The FM Towns is delivered with a joypad, a microphone and a mouse. The
operating system, Town OS, is graphical and use windows, scrollers,
icons, etc. The system is somehow compatible with other IBM PC systems,
using a special version of DOS + DOS Extender. It can even run Windows"

Also see it's entry at Wikipedia:
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Well after talking with the company that makes the CPAP machine they made a couple of points that I have to concede do make sense.
  • Local warranty doesn't cover units bought overseas (this is standard for any product really)
  • All authorised Resmed distributors offer ongoing support at no extra charge (at least thats what they say) checking ongoing operation, adjustment, reporting and initial fitting etc etc. which isn't cheap I grant you.
A couple of things though I still have issues with are
  • There's no budget option for those wishing wishing to purchase support or assistance as they go, so they're limiting purchase of the machines to those who can only afford the full price, I'm not a rich person and they even admit that the product isn't subsidised in Australia.  (Although they didn't answer specific questions as to wether or not the goods are subsidised in the US)
  • They mention that a machine maybe customised for different regions, it's sounds like bollocks though as the only thing I needed to do is replace the power cord since the adaptor is a worldwide unit anyway. Plus on the bottom the same unit is sold in the US and the UK so I don't see why they'd change anything to sell it in Australia either.
  • The company rep pulled the old line of volume sales reducing the cost but I don't see how that would reduce it when you could just make a smaller run with a bigger run and the cost per unit would be the same.
So you'll have to excuse me if I dont' feel guilty or bad about saving $1000 on purchase price for a product that's touted to pretty much do everything automatically anyway.
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I just received my Cpap machine from the US, a new model Resmed S9 Autoset.  Now including shipping it came to just on $1000Aus cheaper than from a local retailer.

Now do you know where the thing is made, packaging, instructions and all?


The thing is made one State away and yet it was $1000 cheaper for me to buy online and get it shipped by Fed Ex from Bellingham USA!!
What the hell??  There's no duty or sales tax importing the thing either!!

I don't swear or get angry a lot but   *CENSORED*

*goes off ranting*
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I curbed one of my wheels yesterday *cries* My scratch free Konigs scuffed *sobs*  Its not too bad and I smoothed the scuffs with a dremel so you can't even see them unless you look close but I felt so stupid and angry with myself >.<
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Lately I've been hearing a car heading up to the mountain roads near where I live and I'm pretty sure it's that two tone Toyota Trueno I see around here sometimes.

4A-GE engines be they 20valve or 16valve all have this distinct sound at higher revs that make them easy to tell from say Honda B16As

Here is the sound I hear.  (not sound 3, that's a 4A-GZE which is a supercharged version me thinks)

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Since Cars 2 was in the cinemas I went to see it last Friday, I picked the last showing so to avoid the kids on holidays. 

The film had a lot of detail, great characters and animation.  The downside was the story it felt far too rushed, kind of like they tried to either fit too much in too fast, didn't have enough time to do it properly or tried to make a deadline.

There were so many great characters that perhaps that's what made it feel too rushed, you didn't get to fully find out about the new characters much.  In Cars 1 you got a fair bit of background on the characters but in this one you were often left wondering "Hey what's the story behind that guy"  For instance they go back to Luigi's home town and you meet Luigi's parents but that's it you don't really know why Luigi left or see him talk much to his parents.  And the American Spy car Rod Redline doesn't get much of a look in before he's despatched.  Also Cars 2 did cross a boundry where some characters actually died.

A fantastic localisation detail is there is a part at a party where Lightning meets up with a couple of other race cars, one of them changes depending on the region the movie is shown in.  In Australia the race car is "Frosty" which is the nickname of the V8 Supercar driver Mark Winterbottom.  Unfortunately the accent doesn't sound quite right I don't know if he voiced it or not or had to ham it up a bit.

Here's that clip

I've never heard party pronounced that way here before, but the last line he says seems to be spot on Australian.

There are heaps of other characters that Disney pixar talks about on cars 2 sites but they don't even get much of a look in. That is also the problem with the different locations, you dont' really get to explore that much.The voice acting is great and all the cast do a splendid job, it's just a pity the story was a bit cramed.

Its still worth seeing but don't pay extra to see it in 3D
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Railway crossings, stop means stop.
This message brought to you by Queensland Rail - Rail Smart program
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Like the tricks with negatives and filters on those old film cameras to hide flaws and make more stylised versions of ourselves one has to question how real are historical photos these days, even of your family. So what will your descendants think of you based on your photos or future historians based on photos that still exist.

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So please give me your classic and exotic autos, I shall look after them (and possible sell them) after you are taken above.  I have several slots left for vehicles so please be quick.

The remaining slots are for:
  • 1967 Shelby GT500 in Blue with white stripes  (428 interceptor highly regarded)
  • 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
  • 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 with 6 pack
  • 1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville (not flattop)
  • 1968-1971 Holden Monaru GTS 327 with manual transmission
  • 1960 Desoto Adventurer Hardtop or Chrysler 300F
  • 1969 Hurst/Oldsmobile 4-4-2
  • 1985 Mercury Colony Park
  • 1971 Mercury Marquis Brougham 4-door Hardtop
  • 1996  Nissan 200SX series 1  or JDM S14 equivalent
  • 1986 Toyota Trueno or Levin GT-apex
  • 1987 Nissan March Super turbo
  • 1994 Eunos Cosmo
  • 1989 Nissan Be-1
  • 1989 Nissan Figaro
  • 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II
  • 1992 Honda Civic SiR-II
  • 1994 Honda Integra Type R JDM version
  • 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z
  • 2000 Subaru WRX Sti
  • 1991 Subaru Liberty RS
  • 2008 Subaru Liberty 2.5 GT B-spec
  • E34 or E39 BMW M5
  • 1959 Mercedes Benz 300SE
  • 1975 - 1981 Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9
Spaces are limited so hurry now, remember you can't take it with you.
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I've been suffering from feeling like I've been in a rut lately, I don't really get out and socialise much I should do that more often.
Everything is just same ol and I have no motivation or enthusiasm and generally waste my time on non-constructive endevours.

What does everyone do when in this situation? 
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Well they finally found Osama Bin Laden and put a stop to him.

And yet I see pictures of people celebrating this death, reminiscent of those celebrating acts against the West. Don't get me wrong there are people so warped or twisted that there is no other option but to either lock them away forever or remove their presence from this world.  And the celebration maybe to do with a sense of relief that a spectre that has always been there since 2001, I understand that.

But I will never celebrate a death, no matter whose it is.

I think the only person I ever really wished dead was Martin Bryant who was the mass murderer who opened fire on tourists at the Port Arthur site. But I would not have celebrated his death I would've just shaken my head in sadness that such a person was to have existed and led to this end.

As Spike Milligan wrote in his war diaries when hearing about Mussolini and his mistress being hung and mutilated while he was serving with the English Army in Italy.

"Some­one is worse off than me. Mus­soli­ni has been mur­dered; he and his mis­tress­es are hang­ing up­side down in a garage in Mi­lan. It was a bar­bar­ic act that puts the clock back. How­ev­er, the na­tives seem hap­py. Noth­ing like an as­sas­si­na­tion to cheer the mass­es." 
Spike Milligan, Italy 1945

How do I feel about the death of a fellow that bared so much malice to create an organisation to do what they did?  Grim satisfaction is the closest thing I can describe it as.  Joyous? Definitely not, there maybe a bit less evil in the world but what he has done has still been done.

For me the September 11 attacks were against for the most part purely civillian targets that had people from all over the world, not just America.  People going to work and doing a job to support themselves and family even if they didn't like it.  But the rage and anger I felt was at the injustice of such a thing,  these people were doing what I do every weekday and that was the reason a group decided that they deserved to die for?  And today the leader of this group is dead, do I feel happy? No just a quiet grim feeling that the person who orchestrated the deaths of so many ordinary people has answered for his past decisions.  But it isn't without a sense of hollowness because though he may be gone those that died through no fault of their own will never return.

Here's a picture I drew at the time in memory of the galant efforts of United Airways Flight 93 at the time.

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When I was but a wee kitten in the 80's I saw a funny Danish film on SBS (Our foreign movie channel) called "The Olsen Gang"
(There were also Norweigan and Swedish versions with different actors but I always liked the Danish one it seemed fresher)

Thanks to the Internet I downloaded the Danish films and am looking to get the remastered versions on DVD, hopefully with English Subtittles
The series of films was made in the late 60's and early 70's and spanned 14 Films, the last one is a bit sad as all the actors are very old at that point.  And sadly all but the actor who played "Benny" are now no longer with us.

Just to show you that not just the American films had funny car chases here's a clip from  one of the films.

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I've been enjoying myself watching Bait car clips on youtube and its kind of sad how many people are;
  1. Desperate enough to take the car in the first place for money perhaps.
  2. Are willing to risk a serious charge of autotheft for kicks or for no real reason.
  3. Risk a jail term for stealing a camry or a very ordinary car.
  4. Are stupid enough to take a car with the keys left in it or doors open.
  5. And these people they catch are very sad usually repeat offenders of low end crimes, poor education and upbringing. (3rd 4th time losers)
I remember once I went to a secondhand car dealer on sunday so there's noone around and there was a car at the front of the lot parked in the driveway of the yard with only a low chainlink  that you could've driven through.   I was looking at cars there and came across this one and I noticed it still had the keys in it.  I looked around because I immediately thought this is suspicious,  I scratched my head opened the door and took the keys out and put them on the office door handle where noone could miss them, there was nothing to identify which car it went to but the dealer would know.  

Now the only cars I've ever seen left running are usually courier vehicles or trade vehicles, very rarely will I see someone leave their car running and is actually illegal in Australia to leave a running vehicle unattended, however the ones I do see are usualy family 4wds with kids in the back and the A/C is on in summer while the parent ducks into a nearby store for something.  I would immediately become suspicious if someone left a car running with the doors open XD  but then again I was brought up with good parents a nice home life and not wanting for the essentials plus I had a good education (public/state schools nothing super fancy)  I just find it sad and the thing is I know it'd work here too.  Probably not so in the UK, especially in Northern Ireland where you report that sort of thing as a possible car bomb.

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