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Unlike the peeps in the US which get the Mexican made 5 door Fiesta, we in Australia get the the same Fiesta ST that they get in the UK the 3 door hatch made in Germany.

The car gets great reviews in terms of performance and handling but Ford Australia doesn't.  Since we don't have Lemon laws, like they do in the US, we often get screwed over royally when there are problems with cars.  Things got so bad that there is actually a Class action against Ford Australia over the "Power-Shift" DCG transmissions, I can't recall that ever happening here before.

Now the German made Fiesta ST avoids a couple of issues that the Mexican version in the US suffers from:

  • Issues with premature clutch wear

  • Issues with thin paint

There are reports of a fair amount of rattles and the old Sync1 they use in the UK/AUS versions and they're not brilliant but if it plays mp3 from a usb stick that's all I care about.

There are no issues with the performance and handling of the car but I'm worried that problems are more likely and that given the attitude of Ford Australia I'm in real trouble if something does go wrong.   But there is nothing on the road that comes even close to the ST.  Unless I'd go for a VW Polo Gti  but that'd be just a ticking time bomb given their reputation.

Maybe I should look at a Mazda 2 or 3.  I can't stretch to a WRX >.< and a Toyota 86 is too singular in it's use.
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