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Hello mateys
Well this morning I returned to an old haunt of mine that I hadn't been back to in years, it was a car auction house which was then on the other side of town but now is much closer after I moved.

Now as a younger cat I would rock up early most Saturdays and have a looky Lou at what was available for auction that Saturday.  To be honest I was never really looking to buy but more to see what car models were like, have a look around them, sit in them and generally familiarise myself with makes and model specifications.  So it was nice to go back and see that very little had changed except the cars.  The reason I like going is usually you are never hassled by the sales staff at all, if you want information about the car you go to the well manned reception desk and ask about a car and they usually have all the info there.  I would say that about 75% of the cars in the auction house aren't as clean or as well cared for as my car :3  which always surprises me a bit.  Considering some of them are very expensive vehicles.

For ye who have never viewed or bought at auction there are a few points about the cars on offer, at least at this auction house (and quite a few like it I'm sure).

  1. A lot of stock is "dealer only" and isn't usually on the Saturday auction lot, this is of course because the stock that is dealer only is stuff dealers are more interested in.  You know low mileage, late model trade ins that new dealers perhaps don't have the room for or already have a few of those models on the lot already.  Plus the new dealerships with the "used" section tend to only keep the best stuff, the cars with full service histories at that dealer, cars they have a history for.

  2. Most of the other late model, low mileage or higher mileage cars with full service histories on offer are Ex government, fleet, police vehicles.  The reason for them going onto the public lot is that there are usually a lot of the same model and in Queensland almost all are white.

  3. The next type of vehicle are ex company cars, these are sometimes quite good unless they were used as commercial vehicles such as utes and 4x4s.  These ex commercial vehicles usually have whopping mileages on them but depending on the company may have full service histories and things have been fixed when they've gone wrong.  The ex company daily driver is usually the best out of these as it has only been used for either commuting or the driver's personal business.

  4. Another group of cars worth a look are the repossessions, these are usually late model low mileage and the finance company is usually only to get back what is still owed.

  5. There are also what are known as "consignment" vehicles on in the auction house, these are up for sale by various private individuals who may not have the time to sell the car themselves or just want to shift the car and get something.  A percentage of the sale price or a fixed commission is paid to the auction house.  These cars are what I like looking at the most as they vary widely in makes, models, years and types.  Some are from deceased estates, collectors etc.  For instance today there was a 1934 Hudson Teraplane on offer and a 73 Cadillac Eldorado, both not something you see a lot of here in Australia.

  6. Finally come to the real bottom of the heap stuff, these cars are really only good for parts or restoration, they are usually in a poor state and if they run they're not what I consider for reliable running transport.  These cars are usually theft recovery or police impound.  Police impound cars are the worst as they've often sat in some back lot until the time period expires for the person to pay the impound fee and get the car back.  This is usually because the car isn't worth the impound fee.  These cars if reasonably straight have their worth in glass, panels and parts.  Their interiors are usually cactus and they are never cars that have been looked after.

In short unless you want something fairly pedestrian in a later model, low mileage car you're not going to have much luck finding something at this type of auction house that is "nice".  Sometimes there's a better selection but most of the time the nice stuff is on a dealer lot.  Auction houses are for quick sales and to shift stock not to sell the pretty stuff.

Now what was on offer today that caught this cat's eye?  Well a few things as listed below.

  • 1934 Hudson Teraplane:  Well how could it not, it looked like a masterpiece of styling, I have a friend who likes antiques but doesn't drive and he would've bought it just to have a show piece of aesthetics.  I can't fault  him on that.  Made in a time where styling was more important than aerodynamics, feature creep and accountancy based manufacturing.

  • 1973 Cadillac Eldorado:  Simply because I'd not seen one in the flesh up close before, and while the car is long and low it is interestingly enough dwarfed by modern four wheel drives.   I've always found it interesting that a lot of US cars always look bigger to me in pictures and in reality are much smaller than I would've thought.

  • 2006 BMW 320i:  This was interesting because though I like how they look on the outside and the whole RWD small sedan thing it was really horrible inside.  This car was in very good condition so it wasn't wear and tear I mean all the plastic inside and fitting was universally horrible.  The whole door card creaked and squeaked when you pulled the door shut (my car doesn't even do that) everything just felt as cheap and nasty as a Kia but they are at least cheap here.  The design inside was nice but the execution was just very poor.  This particular model and trim level BMW was $58,300 car when new and only had a 2.0L 4cylinder engine and was made in South Africa.  In short unless this car drove so well it made up for all this you'd have to be insane to have dropped this kind of money on it.

  • 2009 BMW 125i coupe manual:  I've always kind of liked these little coupes because they're kind of short, stubby and squat.  They're not "pretty" they're kind of a little Staffordshire bull terrier, they were also kind of made with existing bits from other models that were known to work.  Now the original price on this little beauty was near as makes no difference the same as that 320i but what a difference 3 years and being made in Germany makes.  Much nicer inside, still perhaps a little "tacky" in spots but that seems to be the norm these days with hard plastics and most cars under $80K.  I knew I would like sitting in this car before getting in it and I did, very nice.  Some may find it too small but for the driver and one passenger it's fine and that's usually all I ever have.  If parts prices weren't so steep for these I would consider buying one as you can get a proper manual transmission (unlike anything from Mercedes)

  • 2007 Subaru Liberty 2.5i:  This 4th gen Liberty (Legacy in some other countries) is currently my favourite Liberty model.  Some might find it a little small but I like it's size, the newer ones are too big for my liking.  While I'd prefer a Liberty GT B.Spec the 2.5i is still a lovely car how the AWD system does rob some of that engine power hence why I prefer the GT version.  I like everything about these cars and would buy one, I prefer the cloth seats as the leather can be a bit slippery and I've never been a real fan of leather seats, most don't wear very well and most people don't clean and condition them.  A B.spec liberty GT would've set you back $56,000 brand new and would've eaten a 320i alive in terms of handling and performance and interior trim and quality.  It did use more fuel however and there was less interior room.  I would buy one of these second hand, however the new WRX sedans (at time of writing) are about the same dimensions inside and out and are a very nice drive.  Some may not like how they look but I quite like them so a newer rexy wouldn't be a bad idea.

  • 2014 Toyota Camry Sportivo SX6:  Styled with the pre 2015 straight edge look they were a kind of love or meh look (I prefer the newer styling which is a bit more rounded).  The Sportivo Aurion as silly as it was looked better.  The Camry silly winged spoiler just looks tacked on and the sport steering wheel has so many controls on it you can't curl your fingers around the rim of the steering wheel in most places.  It's very cramped around the steering wheel with the little paddle shifters and surprisingly large controls on what is a pretty small steering wheel.  It may just feel small given all the junk that's crowded on it, but it looks messy and unnecessary.  I've never understood steering wheel controls because unless you're travelling in a completely straight line they're not much use.

  • circa 2010 Passat and Golf Wagons:  I like little station wagons and by that I mean actual station wagons not just slightly extended hatchbacks.  They're still easy to move around and have plenty of cargo space if you need it .  And I like how these little wagons from VW look inside and out (once again a bit of that German tacky which is different from Japanese or Korean tacky :3)  However with no Manual transmission option, DSGs that should be avoided like the plague and a VW Australia dealer network that is indifferent to customer issues I wouldn't risk buying one.  (plus for some reason VWs are rather expensive here o.O  A VW Passat wagon in 2010 with the 1.8L turbo diesel and FWD only would've set you back $41,000 )

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings in the car world, I must say it made "Seb" look all that much nicer and well looked after going back to him after leaving the auction house XD

Date: 2015-10-03 05:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excellent reading! You can do more of this and I wouldn't mind at all :)

Pick me up a proper hoonmobile next time would ya? One of these would do nicely:


Date: 2015-10-21 08:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't see why car based mini trucks aren't more popular in the states because utes make great light duty vehicles without getting too big.

Date: 2015-10-03 06:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Would love to get my talons on one of them Hudson's some day.... :9

Date: 2015-10-05 11:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why would it surprise you? You take incredibly good care of your cars, not every place can do that, especially if they have a lot of them to maintain.

Date: 2015-10-21 08:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'd take even better care if I had more tools :D
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