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I've been watching the "RoadKill" channel on Motortrend's channel on youtube.
I'm a fan of it because unlike so many car shows the presenters don't annoy me and I find it genuinely interesting.  Yes they do silly stuff but they know it's silly stuff.  It's an American show and doesn't have so much of that ego bollocks that plague so many hotrod related car shows with fake drama.

This is currently one of my favourite episodes:  One because I do like those Monte Carlos (I prefer the 79 though with the single headlights and never on hydraulics) and two because they seem to be genuinely having fun.

My favourite lines from this episode:

  • Wait they don't sell these to white people how did you get this?

  • Ohhh is it even connected to the transmission....that slid forward 3 inches.

  • That looks so broken.

  • Get in here and hit the third one from the left.... I'm not getting in there.

  • I now understand why they do this.

  • This is the greatest car ever.

  • Do you think speed is our friend?

  • How can that hurt so bad at such a low speed?

  • I think the windshield is compromised

  • What is happening here this road is not that bad.

  • If you have never seen a low rider on super swampers now you can say you have.

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